Lara Grill is a concept that comes from a lot of nights of preparation and sleeplessness between a group of friends, that united by a single passion, decided to take on a clear path, to make the best Radical Street Food.

This concept of Radical Street Food refers to the new generation of Street food; street food with a special gourmet hint.

In Lara Grill we only use fresh and of the best quality ingredients, without preservatives or additives, in order to guarantee that flavor that we all love and enjoy. In addition, all of our plates are created by us, including our homemade souses inspired by the Venezuelan street food.

Lara Grill is designed for all who enjoy good street food and good service. Our wish is that you feel like you are in those old street food restaurants from which you can’t forget the taste of their food. We promise you that our Real Food Porn style will just make you come back for more.

Our menu is based on the fusion of different regions in order to adapt to all tastes. We wanted to create a versatile, tasty and unique menu so we could please all personal likes, and of course, we couldn’t forget about the sweet lovers with our already famous shakes.

We also have Vegan options in all of our main courses and gluten-free bread.

Try our Radical Street Food proposal!