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Lara Grill is the result of our passion for good food, good places and good vibes. One day we met and decided to take the best of our favorites places and restaurants, put them all together in a single place so the customer can enjoy it. That is how our Slow Street Food was born, always thinking about creating and preparing the best “pepitos”, burgers and milkshakes #larabatidos of all Spain.

Our inspiration was born from Lara state in Venezula and we have merged it with gastronomy of all around the world, we have created this Real Food Porn style that you can´t miss.

Ask for our vegan and gluten-free options!

We try as much as possible that all of our meats are always fresh, without any preservatives nor additives, the same for our fruit and vegetables to be always dailyfresh. Last but not least, our pies and bread are exclusively from Lara Grill®. We can only do this by working with the best suppliers that offer us materials and very high quality ingredients.

Lara Grill takes the environmental sustainability as a social responsibility. As a result, since 2019 we have stopped using plastics and papers (paper, to take away packs, napkins and bags) and now all of our delivery packages are 100% biodegradable or recycled and our 100% recycled paper.

We are a place of inclusion and we know that our pets are part of the family, so they are also welcome in Lara Grill.

We love eating well and that is why we do a great effort to serve only the best. As we would like to be taken care of.

We have have the best Food Porn

We work together with suppliers that provide us with the best ingredients.

We love to eat well and that is why we do our best to serve only the best.

Just as we would like to be taken care of!

We have the best Food Porn

lara logo

 Discover our “Pepitos”

Pepitos are one of our specialities. It is a well-known fast food product in Venezuelan. It is a super sandwich filled with chopped beef, chicken or both, made with a special bread of the kind we call “Canilla” very soft inside, but roasted outside, all together with different vegetables or ingredients and usually covered with melted cheese.

Don’t miss out our “Pepitos”!


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